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The experiences of our colleagues are diverse, whether those gained in a private setting or those gained whilst working for us as an employer.

These experiences will have all kinds of different facets; sometimes they will be opinions, whereas other times they will represent insights gained, acquired knowledge or a certain type of maturity and growth.
We combine all of them into our employer’s promise, "LEARN. GROW. SUCCEED.” And we manage to do this in every single direction too.





We want to make our colleagues joint partners and encourage them to follow their heart, because we believe everyone has something inside that drives them.

In order to be successful and happy, both at work and in your personal life, this will require key skills like self-organisation as well as the ability to take responsibility and reflect on matters. Given that we think and act with conviction that our colleagues are much more than just employees, we take intensive steps to promote these skills. We therefore invite every single individual to actively integrate and shape their personal interests, dreams, goals and passions here at joblocal.
Our employer’s promise, "LEARN. GROW. SUCCEED.”, should therefore be understood as an invitation to learn, grow and be successful. As a company, we do everything we can to create a learning environment where your personal development is possible. In addition to this management promise, this approach is also reflected in our corporate structure and applies right from your very first day at joblocal. In order to ensure you get off to a good start in your new job, the joblocal Academy is on hand here to provide new colleagues with all of the essential information they need about joblocal, our partners and customers, our corporate culture and their own working area.

Of course, this promise does not end when you have finished your onboarding. It will continue in ongoing further training activities tailored to your needs and daily collaboration.



“The implementation of a growth mindset in a corporate culture changes the way in which we think and act, which questions we ask, how we set targets, how we handle challenges, what motivates us and how we deal with setbacks. It changes our fundamental perspective on our employees as we focus on their learning capacity and work based on the assumption that everyone is able to change his or her way of thinking and acting.

Having a growth mindset means believing that it is possible for employees to make developmental leaps and, in doing so, lays down the basis for assuming greater responsibility. When you consider all of the challenges that we have to deal with as a company, we will only remain competitive if we are able to respond to market changes in a bold and flexible manner with a willingness to take risks.”



Even joblocal as a company never stops learning and thrives on continuously developing itself further. In order to do this, we rely on feedback from our colleagues, which can be submitted via all kinds of different channels.


During the "People & Culture Round Table" session, all colleagues have the opportunity to address matters that are close to their heart within a confidential framework and discuss them among themselves as well as with representatives from the People & Culture department, doing so with a focus on finding solutions.


If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you have the option to post your ideas or suggestions in our letterbox. All of the messages received are then presented to the Executive Board on a regular basis and responded to immediately, where possible.


We place a great deal of importance on gathering information on the general mood and feeling within the company. In order to be able to capture both positive as well as negative trends here, we make use of an anonymous mood barometer, which invites colleagues every week to reflect and submit details on the factors influencing their own mood.


Within our company, everyone has the opportunity to exchange their views directly with the Executive Board at any time, should this be necessary. Dominic and Sebastian are always willing to listen, and will sometimes go and sit right in the middle of everything and actively seek conversation with people – they are also happy to do this over lunch or coffee together.



“Agile management is one of the greatest challenges for companies, whilst also offering one of the greatest opportunities too. With an increasing level of digitisation and volatility, this has resulted in a level of complexity that can have a paralysing effect on innovation processes.

The basic ideas behind agile working, such as transparency, joint learning and constantly generating value in small steps, have taken hold here. Things that appear to be logical and simple on paper will in practice require a new understanding of leadership, which is based on trust and the transfer of responsibility.

Agile is not a status that can ever be attained (although it would be nice), but is instead a form of constant questioning and a conscious escape from established patterns. The benefits for companies here are two-fold; on the one hand you have motivated employees, whereas on the other hand you also have a huge backlog of really good ideas that can of course be refined once again.”