joblocal GmbH was founded by Dominic Bönisch and Sebastian Dinzenhofer in the Upper Bavarian town of Kolbermoor back in 2010. The first major milestone in the company's history was the development of digital job portals offering a clear geographical distinction. Applicants can use these regional job portals to find out more about vacancies in the region in question and apply directly for any relevant jobs. Working together with the OVB (Oberbayerisches Volksblatt) publishing house, four of these regional job portals were launched back in 2010, namely rosenheimJOBS.de, chiemgauJOBS.de, innsalzachJOBS.de and bglandJOBS.de.
Huge demand for regional portals allowing publishing houses to expand their traditional print advertising business with a digital version and help make their businesses ready for the future quickly began to develop beyond Upper Bavaria as well. The joblocal technology was adapted by various publishing houses throughout Germany as a “white label” solution in the form of a licensing model, as seen in the cases of Medienholding Nord, Funke Medien NRW or Mediengruppe Thüringen, for example. Unlike the traditional print advertising business, the focus here is on acquiring annual memberships rather than selling individual advertisements. This framework allows companies to present all of their benefits and vacancies to the regional job market.

In addition to the licensing business, joblocal also took its first steps in the digital job market when it acquired AugsburgerJOBS.de back in 2012. Since then, the Kolbermoor-based company has been responsible for the operation of ten separate regional job portals, which are predominantly managed from the company's headquarters in Upper Bavaria.

The rapid growth seen in both business models resulted in joblocal being taken over by Funke Mediengruppe in 2014. The joblocal network has since grown to more to 30 job portals along with new products as well. The product portfolio also includes employer branding and performance services alongside the regional job portals.
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Our spacious and modern office is located centrally in Aicherpark in Kolbermoor and is easily accessible using public transport or by car. If you are looking for a break to benefit from some creative inspiration, the Mangfall river, located just behind the office, is an inviting place to go for a walk, take in a breath of fresh air and enjoy a glimpse of the Bavarian Alpine foothills.